On A Bun
Texas Chicken Sandwich $9.20   Turkey Reuben $8.90
Lettuce, tomato, onions and guacamole, mayo   Served on Marble rye with sauerkraut,  
topped with pepper jack cheese     Swiss cheese and cole slaw dressing  
Trekafo Sandwich $8.80 NEW Fish Tacos $8.95
Grilled chicken, fresh fried onion straws,   Mongo salsa, lettuce, special caribbean 
sliced tomato, melted pepper jack cheese   sauce, jack cheese & bacon  
with our homemade sweet & spicy chipotle   Cape Codder $11.00
dressing and finished with fresh     Fresh fried cod, bacon, cheese,  
grilled sausage     lettuce, tomatoes, tartar sauce  
The Great Chicken Sandwich $8.00      
Lettuce, tomato & our own        
honey mustard spread        
Grilled Buffalo Chicken $8.00      
Lettuce, tomato & bleu cheese        
dressing on the side